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Our mission is to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to be partners with him, according to his calling, in his mission to bring salvation to the world. We seek to be a people equipped and able to equip others to know, love, and serve God through worship, community, and outreach.



We want our Sunday service to be centered around worship to our King- Jesus.  At Cornerstone, we function a lot like a family, but we are very purposeful in what we do together.  Our services start at 10:15, but there is always coffee and a breakfast treat served before we start.

We typically open our service with announcements and a call to worship.  We will then worship with one another in song and praise. Our music is contemporary but not flashy. We usually are lead by a guitarist and accompanied with bass and drums. Since we are a smaller congregation, we then have the privilege to openly share prayer requests and pray for one another.  After a very short break, we will then hear God’s Word preached. The sermons are usually between 25-35 min. Finally, we respond to God’s Word by singing another song or two together. After the service, most people will fellowship together before heading home for lunch.

Check out our kids' section below to see our view on children in worship!



We are a smaller congregation, but we are diverse.  Some members are older, some are younger; we come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, some may dress nicer, some may dress more casual, some have tattoos, some wouldn’t dare to get one.  Why would such a diverse group ever get together? Because we all love Jesus! You can find all types of people at Cornerstone. We hope to be a small reflection of what heaven will look like- people from every nation, culture, and tongue worshiping our King!




At Cornerstone, we want even the young children to be a part of the whole worship service.  We value families worshiping together. It is important in the formative years of children that they see their father raise his hands to the Lord while singing, or hear their mother ask and receive prayer.  

We also value children hearing the Word of God being preached.  We realize that every kid is different and may have a hard time sitting still for that long, so we try to help them connect with the sermon in different ways.  There may be an object lesson used during the sermon, and there is usually fill-in-the-blank worksheets for them to keep busy while following along. Ultimately, we trust the Holy Spirit is connecting with the hearts of children.  They aren’t just the future church- they are part of the church right now!

For kids under 5 years old, we have a separate room for them to play with toys and interact in the way toddlers do.



We don’t believe church is only something we do on Sunday mornings. Throughout the week there are usually other gatherings we do such as different Bible studies, prayer gatherings for our missionary friends, and fellowship over dinner or a picnic at the lake.  If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us through the website or on Facebook!


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Cornerstone Church Saint Paul belongs to a network of churches called Table Fellowship. To learn more about Table Fellowship, please check out their website.


Welcome to Cornerstone Church Saint Paul! Please join us for worship at 10:15 am on Sundays.  We are currently meeting at the building in Lexington Park at 2131 Lexington Ave N, Roseville, MN.  We would love to meet you and fellowship with you. Join us in worshiping Christ and building His kingdom together!

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